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Meditation and Yoga in Sri Lanka.

Meditation and Yoga classes are provided in Sri Lanka at best studios and natural places. These practicing places are being selected by the popular Sri Lanka Gurus. Here you don't have to go for the Bikram yoga as the country is always warm. This kind of warm climate will make you to sweat naturally without any added heat stimulation.

Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is the best thing that you can get in Sri Lanka while you are on your vacation. This will release all your mental stresses and will make your mind fresh. It will make you to be ready to face all your difficult task in the coming years. Meditation not only gives you peace of mind but also can regulate your heart and lung functions, when you undergo the practice under a perfect Guru.

Ceylontusker Tours will provide you a peaceful all-inclusive Meditation and Yoga tour through out Sri Lanka. We will pickup you from the Colombo airport and will drop back at the airport once your tour is over. We can arrange best yoga studios and accommodations throughout the tour in many well selected destinations. In addition, many places are offering Yoga Teacher training courses and Advance Yoga Teacher certificate courses. Moreover, at the end of the classes, training and examination you will be issued with the International Yoga Trainer Certificate.This Yoga certificate is well recognized in many of the Westeren Countries and in India.

You can select your yoga training stations that are operating in Colombo, Ulpotha, Kandy, Ashburnham, Niyagama, Wattala, Goyambokka, Hikkaduwa, Negombo, Sigiriya, Kalpitiya, Mirissa and Kalutara areas. They will charge reasonable fee for training and accomodation during your stay there.

In between your off time you can arrange with us to tour the area to see Sri Lanka culture, art work and other interesting sites. We will arrange special transport and meals for you.

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