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Sri Lanka Bird Watching Tours.

Bird watching Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka bird watching tour is provided by Ceylon Tusker tours in Sri Lanka. If you are one of the professional photographers and want to go on bird watching in Sri Lanka, then you are now in the correct place contact Ceylontusker Tours to get it done with a perfect tour plan. Now a day's everyone is having good cameras with special lenses that are good for to capture birds, animals, insects and butterflies. Sri Lanka is tropical flora and fauna country. There are 245 different species of butterflies along with 26 endemic species. Many of of them are migratory butterflies. who travel to the island throughout the year. Ceylon Rose - Pachliopta jophon is one of the species confined to the rain forests of Sri Lanka.

You can take on bird watching tour alone throughout Sri Lanka. We will provide facility to transport you and your special devices with you. And we will take you to places that are reserved as bird sanctuary and places that are special for the colorful birds and their nests. Some hotels here offer to rent special cameras, lenses and tripods on daily rental basis for foreign tourists.

If you are interested in bird watching and don't want to take it as your main plan when you are going on a Sri Lanka tour in a vehicle or on motorcycle tour request us for you to go on bird watching activities and we will arrange it for you in different places on your tour route.

There are nearly 500 verities of birds can be seen in Sri Lanka where some of them are immigrating birds. Some used to come in the mornings, some used to come in the evening and some of them used to come out in the night only. We can arrange the trip according to your wish.

If you are lucky you will see some kinds of birds to be sitting on trees next to your hotel room.

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