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Gem Stone Tour, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka gem mining tour

Gem Stone Tour will make you with many adventures too. Our Sri Lanka gem stone industry tours are designed to provide more information on local gem mining, identifying them, and polishing. It will include on how stones are being marketed and exporting them after getting certificate for them. Sri lanka Gem stones and other precious stones are reputed all over the world for their brilliant colors and value. Rich and people holding high positions around the world used to make jewellery mounted with these stones. In addition they keep them as collector's item or to get more valuable offer in the coming years.

The main thing about these stones is no stone is identical to another stone as they are gifted by the nature. While on this tour you have the advantage of visiting Gem museums and a rare opportunity to examine and purchase gems directly from the dealers.

Here is your chance to tour in Sri Lanka to view how they are mined from the deep pits, identified, polished, valued and sold.

  • How to identify them?
  • How to polish (cut) them?
  • How to market them?
  • What is gem certificate and who issues them?
  • How they issue them?

To whom this Gem tour is Good for?

Gem merchants, Jewellers, private gem collectors and people who are curious to know about Gem stones.
Here is the list of gem stones that can be found in Sri Lanka while you are on a Gem tour.
Blue, yellow, pink and purple Sapphire, Padparadsha, Star sapphires, Natural sapphires, Chrysoberyl, cat's eye and alexandrite, spinel, hessonite, garnets, zircons, tourmaline; aqua marine; moonstones and over 40 varieties of gem stones originating from Sri Lanka.

From the ancient times this land is popular destination for gem stones as they were found by the river banks. Now they are mined with sophisticated methods from deep grounds and the country still maintains as one of the top Gem centre.
If you are planning to buy any of the stones for you to benefit from astrology methods, then we will stay next to you to buy correct stones and to certify it from any of the available foreign laboratories. Our experts will assist you to identify the heated stones and the natural stones from any lot.

We will take you to Ratnapura which is the centre for the Sri Lanka gem stones. You can view newly brought rough and polished stones. You can m ingle with miners and gem dealers in this place. If you are not afraid, then you can climb down in to the deep pits top survey the ground situation.

On your gem tour, will take you to lapidaries to view how the raw stones are cut and polished in to glittering gem stone that can fetch thousands of dollars in the international market.

How to Visit Sri Lanka.

  • Get your online tourist visa.
  • Book your tickets from your travel agent.
  • Inform us about the travel plan - arrival, number of days you want to stay here and the departure date.
  • We will welcome you at the Colombo airport (air conditioned van) and drop you in your hotel. (3 Stars)
  • When you are ready, we will start the tour with an A/C car or mini coach with your private driver cum guide.
  • Once you are ready to leave Sri Lanka we will drop you at the Colombo airport to catch your flight.

There are plenty of tourist activities available in Sri Lanka.
If you like you can have holidays in the beaches view whales, waterfalls and tea estates. Go on hot air ballooning, scuba diving, white water rafting and many more activities.
Once you had purchased any gems, we will provide assistance to take it with you or to send it by courier service following the proper official work.

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