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Sri Lanka Tuk Tuk Rental - Hire.


Sri Lanka tuk tuk rental service (Hire) is provided to you by us from any part of Sri Lanka. While you hiring a tuk tuk from us, you can be the driver and ride it along with three of your friends or family members in it. To rent a Tuk Tuk, you must fulfill some basic requirements to comply with the rules. Now peace is prevailing all over Sri Lanka. We know it is very important to safeguard the visiting tourists as they are our guest. You will see manned check points to check passing vehicles on the important roads. These checking points are made to support you and not to harass you. So book your three wheels and explore Sri Lanka with our assistance. We are just a call away 24 hours of the day. Smartphone, GPS and Google Maps are superior things to find your destination. On the road people are happy to show you the route even if they can't speak English.

Special Notice.
It is not necessary to have International Driving license to drive a Tuk Tuk in Sri Lanka.
Get scanned copies of your local license and with it, we will make a local license for you to drive tuk tuk in Sri Lanka.
The driver permit will be given to you by Sri Lanka Automobile Association.
Your submitted documents will be prepared and signed by Mr. Dayan Chinthaka to get the necessary papers.

  • You must have a valid local Driving License that will allow you to drive a vehicle in your country.
  • You must be a healthy person without any disabilities.
  • It is necessary to have good vision on both eyes.
  • Pay a Re-fundable Deposit at our office and a passport copy of yours.
  • We at Ceylontusker Tours, provide 24 Hour phone support, if you rent out a tuktuk from us.
  • It is prohibited to ride Tuk Tuk on ExpressWays in Sri Lanka.

Tuk Tuk Driving License.

  • We will give you basic training on how to drive a Tuk Tuk.
  • We will assist you to get a temporary local driving license for to drive our three wheel.
  • You must respect the law of the land while driving or even walking.
  • Reserve your tuktuk with us early. Mail us your passport copy and current local license that was issued in your own country.
  • Our location: Negombo Town. Also we have tuk-tuk rental facility all over Sri Lanka.
  • Send us all the documents that are necessary for to make your three wheel license.
  • Send us your request through our email.

Get a Smartphone with Mobile Data Plan

  • Download and Install Google Map and WhatsApp Messenger if don't have..
  • Activate the GPS location.
  • Add Ceylontusker in the WhatsApp messenger as a contact.
  • Follow the route and go to places whereever you want to go.
  • You are the boss and you are the driver of your Tuk Tuk.
  • Go wherever you want or stop at any place at any time you want.

Why Tuk tuk?

  • You can meet local people, eat like Sri Lankan and enjoy the local life throughout your Holidays.
  • Eat fresh fruits in the villages that are not available in star class hotels.
  • Drink Green or king coconut water as much as you want at affordable price all around the route.
  • Our tuk-tuk's will make your holidays as a memorable one.

Tuk Tuk (Three wheel. Local people call it as "Aato" ) Requirements.

  • You must know how to drive it. (We will let you to learn it)
  • The driver must have valid tuk tuk driving license. (We will assist you to obtain one)
  • You are allowed to carry 3 persons only in the Tuktuk as per the Sri lanka Law.

Self Drive Tuk Tuk.

  • Self driving a tuk tuk is one of the cheapest and enjoyable ways when you are touring Sri Lanka.
  • A tourist can get proper driving certificates here and can rent a three wheel for this purpose.
  • Hiring a Tuk Tuk is cheaper with us, when you hire it more than 9 days.

  • Our TUK-TUK Rental Rate - Unlimited Km. 24 Hour Phone Support.

    • 06 Days Rental. Rate: US$19 / day
    • 06 - 09 Days hiring. Rate: US$ 18 / Day.
    • Discounted Special Rate for more than 9 days rental/hire.

    Popular Tuk Tuk colors: Green, yellow, red, yellow and black.
    Head light with 4 signals, parking lights available.
    Some Tuktuk offers sound system too.
    Bring your Country Flag or Club Flag to hoist on the Tuk-Tuk.

    Reversing gear?
    Reversing gear is there. The gear control is available in the left hand side of the handle. And it is good for parking.

    Petrol availability.
    Petrol stations are available all over Sri Lanka. The price is fixed by the Government per litter.
    At those Gas stations Air filling for tyre and WC used to be available.

    Raining while on the road?
    No problem there are covers on both sides and wiper is fitted on the front windshield.
    On both sides there are plastic curtains. Just close them when it is raining.

    • All our tuk tuk vehicles (3 wheels) are provided with third party Sri Lanka Insurance.
    • Tuk Tuk vehicles (3 wheels) have valid current year revenue License.
    • All of them are road worthy.
    • Well maintained with perfect running engines,
    • Provided with clean exhaust smoke - Green Test certificate.
    • Our company is just a phone call away from your tuk-tuk.

    Contact us now to get more information.
    • Book Tuk-Tuk from us.
    • Early booking is advisable.
    • E-Mail: chin3624@gmail.com

      We have viber and Whatsapp phones.

    What the customers say?

      • Comments
        Peter, UK.

        I really enjoyed the trip in this small vehicle. No more waiting for bus or train.

        It is fun I recommend it for you.

      • Comments
        Kuniger, Germany.

        Great runs through cities and villages on our own. We stopped wherever e wanted to.

        Boy, it was cheaper than the normal packages.

      • Comments
        Ali, UAE.

        Chinthaka, I will never forget you. You gave me such an unforgettable experience on the road and locations. When in the country side, fresh air was blowing through my hair. So nice to be treated at road side coconut shops and Cadju shops.

      • Comments
        Costas, Athens.

        It is like donkey rides for tourists in Greece. I never thought about such an idea on a three wheel. Some time we were going safely at 50 Km/H. I want to get one to my home. Thank you Chinthaka, for providing me a fine three wheel touring experience in this beautiful land. It is worth for each penny I had spent.