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Whale Dolphin Watching

Whale watching in Sri Lanka is an important activity for the visiting Tourists. Whale and Dolphin watching can be included in to your Sri Lanka tour package when you book it through Dayan Chinthka's Ceylontusker Tours. Whale watching tour is arranged for one day in the Southern coast or Eastern coast depending the season in Sri Lanka.

It doesn't matter which kind of tour you are going on with us. It can be a vehicle tour or motorcycle tour as a group, while on any of the tour we will arrange for  you to watch the largest whales in the Ocean. Sperm and Blue Whales along with Dolphins can be seen here on any given calm day between the months of October till April. We will arrange one pleasure cruise boat to carry you and your family or friends from the Weligama to the deep sea where you can watch them swimming and playing during the season.

These boats can carry 3 - 5, 8, 12 or 16 passengers for whale watching expedition in the mornings.

There are facilities available to rent out the Snorkeling gear from the boat, if you know how to go on Snorkeling in the sea. If you need any assistance, no problem there are plenty of licensed instructors available over here for a small fee.

Sri Lanka is surrounded by calm and high seas where lots of activities are available for the holiday makers. Lot of sports activities is available for you. Name it we will arrange it for you while you are visiting here.

If you like this idea, please contact us early as soon as possible for to book the tour and with your interests like whale watching.

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